Reasons For A Clog

  • Hair clogs. Every time you or a family member takes a shower or bath some hairs are rinsed down the drain. Over time these hairs build up in the pipes and can obstruct the flow of water.

  • Toilet problems. Toilet tissue and facial cleaning pads among other items can clog pipes and cause overflowing toilets. When a plunger doesn’t work, call us!

  • Root intrusions. Roots can break through your pipes and cause an obstruction that will eventually stop the flow of water and debris.

  • Grease and food particles from your kitchen sink can result in a total blockage of your pipes. It is not recommended to dispose the leftover grease down the kitchen sink, since grease when it cools down solidifies into fat and once a ring of fat is created it tends to keep on growing as we pour more grease down the kitchen sink. The best practice is to let any leftover grease or oil cool down and dispose it in the trash.

  • Dry leaves and mud. During fall season many trees lose their leaves and these if not picked up can accumulate in your outdoor drains. Mud clogs can be very tricky since their length varies. Depending on their length they need to be approach differently. Call us sooner rather than later if you think you have a mud clog in your garden drains!

The reasons above are some of the causes of clogged pipes, and we have effective and inexpensive ways to deal with these problems.

Depending on the severity of your plumbing problem, we start at the easiest and cheapest way to fix the problem. A simple snaking of the pipes may be all you need. If the problem is more severe, we have high-tech equipment like our hydro-jetting machines that can blast through roots. We use just the right equipment needed for your problem: to keep the price as low as possible.

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