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Hydro Jetting Process

What’s involved in the hydro-jetting process?

We sometimes also use CCTV cameras before hydrojetting process to find out the exact location of the clogs. The best thing about the use of CCTV cameras is that once you know the location of the clog, it’s easy to remove it. The high pressure water nozzle delivers a powerful punch that can turn anything blocking your pipes into small pieces of debris. We attach different types of nozzles to our hydro-jetting machine depending on the type of clog that needs to be cleared. However, you should not try to use this equipment yourself as handling it improperly could cause injury!

The benefits of horizontal line flushing or hydrojetting are many. Aside from saving you money on costly plumbing replacements and repairs, it can easily clear even stubborn clogs. Years of debris and waste build up, root penetration, soap scum or other residues are easily and quickly removed using hydro-jetting. Best of all, regular maintenance can also extend the life of your sewage system and drains. If you are having issues with sinks, drains and your water lines are backing up, call Rooter Drain Expert, Inc in Los Angeles, CA for getting the best possible results at most affordable rates!

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