Hydro jetting

At Rooter Drain Expert, we’re pleased to offer a green solution to your drain problems! Using hydrojetting, we can help you clear even the toughest clogs. Call us today at (800) 929-1562 to schedule your appointment today!

What Is It?

Hydro-jetting is a highly effective method for cleaning and clearing the blocked drains. In this process, the interior walls of your plumbing network will be cleaned of clogs and grime, with the debris washed away by the torrents of highly pressurized water. Our hydro jetting machine can produce pressurized jets of water at more than 4,000 psi. With that kind of pressure virtually any clog–even the toughest–will be flushed out from your sewer line!

A hydro-jetter consists of a water tank, a mechanism to pressurize water and a high pressure hose that is brought to the site where it is used using a cleanout opening in the sewerage pipe. A plumbing system is designed to flow downstream, as gravity carries pipe contents out and away from the building. Therefore, all materials dislodged due to the hydro-jetting process flow down and out of the system. In fact, powerful hydrojetters can handle hundreds of feet of clogged pipe in one go.