Plumbing Services

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The team at The Rooter Drain Expert, Inc. has years of experience with plumbing problems that our Los Angeles residents face. We know that time is money and that any plumbing problems need to be fixed in a fast and efficient manner. While there are some plumbing tasks that you can do yourself, when you’re in over your head or just not sure what to do, make sure you call The Rooter Drain Expert, Inc. at (800) 929-1562! We’re available for all your plumbing needs!

We Specialize In:

  • Drain Cleaning
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Camera Inspections
  • Electronic Pipe Locating
  • Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement
  • Sewer Pipe Root Problems

Drain Cleaning

One of the common problems many homes experience is with drainage. The drainage system can easily become clogged and back up into your house. Many times material is found in the pipe that has caused a blockage. We can check drain pipes with a video camera to determine the cause of the problem. Clearing the blockage in a drain is done with a hydro-jetter, a machine that shoots out water at an extremely high pressure. The result of using hydro-jetting for drain cleaning is a drain pipe that is restored to like-new condition.

Leak Detection and Repair

Drain pipes and sewer pipes may develop leaks over time. Leaks can cause water damage to a concrete slab that may require expensive repairs. If a drain pipe or sewer pipe leaks, then a commercial plumber will need to assess the problem. If a pipe is located under the floor inside a building, then a repair can be done using one of two methods. The most destructive method will be the demolition of the floor to locate a broken section of pipe. Another option is to use reline the pipe using a trenchless process; this only requires two holes to be dug and saves you money—plus your yard!

Sewer Repair

Given the nature of the underground sanctuary where the majority of your piping exists, it usually isn’t until there has been a rupture or a break to what may even be ceramic pipes that you become aware of just how literally entrenched the problem can be, unless you have already experienced the extent of such problems. There are tree roots, clogs, earth movement and age of piping that may all conspire to cause the subtle symptoms of either slow drains or the water damage that can occur as a result of failing pipes.

It can be a rude awakening for many homeowners after a pipe failure to learn that they are responsible for the repairs to the pipeline that actually extends beyond their lawn, beneath the public sidewalk and even extending beyond the curb out into the street! We know all too well what you are facing. Count on The Rooter Drain Expert, Inc. to keep your plumbing up to code and in compliance!

Plumbing Maintenance

Many homes will require preventative maintenance of their plumbing system. This is needed once per year to ensure no obvious problems or issues exist. A video inspection can be done on a sewer pipe and underground drain lines. This is when any minor problems that are found are repaired. Repairing a minor problem during a routine maintenance inspection will be cheaper than having a minor problem turn into an expensive repair.

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