Sewer Line Repair Service

Do you have unexplained wet spots in your yard or that signature smell of sewage? Your sewer lines may be broken! Call Rooter Drain Expert, the Los Angeles sewer and drain experts at (800) 929-1562. We offer multiple options for repair and offer a 100% guarantee that we will fix your sewer line!

Sewer Line Repair Service in Los Angeles, CA

Normally, it is only when you face problems with the drainage system or notice stains appearing in and around the foundation you realize that there is something seriously wrong with your sewer line. If something is not done quickly, you may end up spending a lot of money to set things right! Remember, sewer line related issues can seriously undermine the ability of your home to function efficiently. At the first signs of trouble, call Rooter Drain Expert, Inc. at (800) 929-1562!

Reasons for Sewer Line Damage

Normally, blockages in the sewer line are what lead to damages. In such situations, most homeowners use a lot of harsh chemicals to open up the clogged drains. Though this is only a temporary solution, many homeowners don’t realize that using these chemicals may result in more damage, particularly in older homes where the pipes are made of clay or other porous materials. The chemicals may eat into the material, thereby leading to the breakdown of pipes.

Another major reason for sewer line damage is tree roots. This happens when you plant trees close to the foundation of your home. Since tree roots get attracted to sources of water, it is not surprising to see them get into the sewer pipes. These roots grow within the pipe and can block it completely. In such instances, you may have to remove and replace the pipes. In some cases, the problem could be that the pipes are bent at an angle due to the ground shifting around them. In such situations, the water may start collecting within the pipe and slowly leak into your foundation.

Hiring a Reliable Repair Service

Once you encounter a problem with the drainage system, the first thing you should do is call Rooter Drain Expert, Inc. at (800) 929-1562! A professional plumbing service like us will first inspect the pipes and determine where the actual problem is and take measures to rectify the problem. We use the latest tools to clear even the toughest drain clogs. Using techniques such as trenchless repair and pipe bursting, we can replace your old pipes with very little excavation, thus reducing the overall excavation required by 95% to fix your sewer lines.

Other Sewer Services

Lastly, we offer a host of outdoor cleaning services like camera inspection, drain cleaning, sewer pipe root problems, pipe bursting and hydro-jetting. For all your sewer and drain needs, count on your Los Angeles drain experts at Rooter Drain Expert, Inc.!

Do you smell that signature sewage odor? Call Rooter Drain Expert to at (800) 929-1562 to repair your sewer lines! We guarantee we’ll fix it!

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